My name is Irfaan Khan, based in Copenhagen, Denmark. I am a portrait, sports and advertising photographer, and has been a photographer for 9 years. I discovered photography through my attendance in an art school, I was around 16-17 years of age back then. During my second year, we were introduced to small 1 mp digital camera, which we then had to use to photograph our class mates, and then afterwards draw and modulate with clay, from the picture we had previously photographed. The camera had a small viewfinder, and just by looking through the little square was like looking inside another world, and that changed my life. Over time my interest grew more and more for photography. In 2010 I held my first and the largest picture gallery exhibition, which was based on animals, nature and humans. The exhibition got me exposed and made my name recognised, not only in Denmark but also abroad. I remember, that Denmark’s largest photography magazine (ZOOM) contacted me for an interview, it was a wondrous feeling. I have always loved taking raw pictures with edged lights and shadows. I love photographing people, because for me a portrait is not just a picture, but a story that I love bringing out of a particular person. A portrait is a facade of a story that is hiding behind. I love sports and like to sell, and therefore I have sports and advertising as well as my specialties. I enjoy photographing advertising campaigns for companies, as it gives me the opportunity to sell their product through a nice picture. In the last couple of years I have also found a passion for making advertising videos for companies. Today, I have customers like Diesel, Les Deux CityJet, Reebok, Vitamin well / Nocco, bodylab and many others. Now you know me and my passions. You are very welcome to contact me and let me, through my passion, help you with your story.